Boost Your Sales by Turning Customers Inside-Out

Many people (including some sales and marketing coaches) think selling is a matter of manipulating, pushing, or tricking customers. And some selling is just that. Con men and boiler room operations are at the extreme edge of persuasive communication, and they give the rest of it a bad name.But in the hyper-connected Web 2.0 world, strong-arming customers is a lousy business strategy. (Not to mention making it hard to face yourself in the mirror every morning.) Effective persuasion in the new age of transparency calls on us to take traditional selling “hot buttons” and turn them inside-out.

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Copywriting and Blogging Dead? Bar Humbug.

The run up to Christmas is a time to reflect on the past year. It’s a time to think about which areas of your business are working, and which need an overhaul in the New Year. Some people are taking this reflection seriously, with copywriting legend Bob Bly and blogging supremo Brian Clark both being forced to question the future of the well written word in 2008.The rise of social networking sites, such as YouTube and Facebook, swallowing time and attention has raised questions over the marketing value of carefully written sales pages and well thought out blog posts

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Top Ten Tips for Marketing Your Website

If you’ve started the New Year with a shiny new website, and invested in some copywriting for the landing page, you might be thinking that you can just sit back and wait for the sales to come flooding in.Well, it’s not that easy I’m afraid. It takes a lot of effort to successfully market and manage an effective website.You’ve got to find a way to signpost it so your customers can find you and then you’ve got to work out how you’re going to sell to them when they arrive. There are barriers to building trust online; people want to see more than some JPEGS and PayPal buttons before they’re ready to buy.

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