What’s Wrong with This Headline?

There are several companies selling programs that teach you how to make a little extra money in your spare time by participating in market research surveys or focus groups. I sell such a product myself: www.marketresearchwealth.comOne of these companies sent me an e-mail promoting their program. The subject line read: “Get Paid to Evaluate Products.”The “get paid” part sounds good. But “evaluate products”? Is that something you are dying to try? I thought not.We get good results marketing our program online. The e-mail subject lines we use are “Get Paid to Give Your Opinion” and “Make $125 an Hour Giving Your Opinion.”

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Persuasive Writing 5 – Writing Headlines that Reel in Readers

You might be a copywriting genius, and composed a sales letter that can sell carpets to Egyptians. But if you can’t pull the reader into your writing then your compelling copy will merely be a waste of words.Whether on the cover of a magazine, in a sales letter or on a web page, headlines are the most important element of persuasive writing.It’s your headline’s job to hook readers with the promise of a tasty reward that will reel them into devouring your copy.So let’s be clear: your headline must be able to attract the reader’s interest if your writing is going to have a chance of selling your product.

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