Transform Your Web Copy With Your Super Villain Story

In this video I talk about how to tell your “Super Villain” story to make your web copy (particularly your About Page) more exciting and engaging for your audience.And, I also want to know that I’m holding a free webinar called:Stop Struggling! How To Write Your Own Web Copy

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7 Steps to an Even Better Business Blog

Blogging is often overlooked for other flashier social media marketing options like Facebook and Twitter. However, successful business blogging not only supports lead generation – it also provides thoughtful, engaging content needed to be successful on social media . While blogging is important, it can also be challenging. Once you have mastered the art of regularly creating content for your blog, it is time to take it to the next level. The next level of business blogging is really about doing what may se

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The Entrepreneur’s Checklist

Howdy…One of my favorite quotes from the legendary Gary Halbert: “There is nothing that cannot be accomplished by a man who refuses to face reality.”You laugh, but he was dead serious. One of the reasons we became fast friends was our mutual outlook on life – whenever reality was inconvenient to our goals, we just ignored the facts, lowered our head, and bulled forward.That photo, above, is me in high school (from the yearbook), taking a jump shot. I’m the guy in the thick glasses. I loved basketball, and was good enough to become the captain of the “B” squad my junior year…

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