10 of the Sexiest Calls-to-Action on the Web

Portions of this blog post were excerpted from the ebook, 101 Examples of Effective Calls-to-Action. If you’d like to see more examples of superb CTAs, download it for free and learn exactly what makes them so effective. The other day I was walking to the bus, using my NextBus app to track when the bus would arrive. Actually, it was more of a half-walk/half-run — sort of like a gallop — because I was late and in a panic but trying to still look **cool**.

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6 Easy Ways to Perfect Your Landing Pages

Landing pages may feel as second nature to a marketer as it is for Steph Curry to make a 3-point basket. But, just like Steph, sometimes you can miss the mark. So, it’s important for all of us to brush up on the latest best practices to help us continually improve our skills.I recently downloaded the ebook The Secrets to a Successful Landing Page, from the marketing agency Roger West, which held some helpful tidbits on how to ensure your assets are impactful. If you’re looking to become the master of landing pages, here are some of the highlights from this piece as well as a few of my own tricks that will ensure your success:

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41 Classic Copywriting Headline Templates

Classic copywriting headlines, the kind of headlines written by Eugene Schwartz, Victor Schwab et al are essential studying materials when you want to hone your own headline writing skills.However, sometimes looking at those powerful but pithy statements can be intimidating. If you’re struggling to write your own headlines, looking at great copy can make you wonder where to start.It’s a bit like looking at the Mona Lisa and then going back to your own blank canvas with a box of crayons to create a masterpiece.

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How to Write a White Paper in Eight Simple Steps and Earn Up To $1000 Per Page

Do you offer white paper copywriting services? If not, allow me to try and convince you.We know that info marketing is all the rage these days, with inbound marketing the latest rebranding of what blogging is all about. As such, there’s lots of demand for copywriters that know how to write fact based long form articles with a subtle sales pitch, which swoop under the sales detecting radar of jaded customers.B2B buyers love them. White papers rank as one of their favorite sources of information. And it’s not just tech companies that use them in their inbound marketing strategy. Any business with a relatively new, expensive or complex product might be interested in wanting to know how to write a white paper that frames their product as the gallant hero arriving to solve an industry wide problem.

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