Get Scrappy: 7 Tips for Smarter Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere. However, new technologies bring about constant shifts, making it hard to keep up without the right strategy.Recently, I hosted a webinar with Marketo on how to create a smarter digital marketing strategy that allows you to optimize your campaigns, even with a tight budget or resource constraints. In this blog, I’ll answer the top seven questions that I received from our attendees:1. What does it mean to be scrappy?Scrappy means a lot of things to different people, but to me, scrappy comes down to doing more with less. It’s an alternative to checklist marketing, which consists of just checking things off a list instead of doing what makes the most sense.Scrappy marketing means:Putting brains before budgetBeing both efficient and effectiveSeeing ideas everywhere

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How to Write Blog Posts That Generate Leads

Do you know why I started blogging back in 2006? It was to generate leads for my consulting company. And boy, did it work well. It worked so well that for every three blog posts I wrote, I generated one new customer that paid $5,000 a month for one year. In essence, I was generating $20,000 for every blog post I wrote. You’re probably wondering how I did this, right? Back in 2006, I wasn’t a great blogger; I didn’t have much of a personal brand; and very few people read my blog. Yet, I was able to generat

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11 Marketing Triggers

Have you ever heard of Quora?It’s a Q&A-style social media site. People ask questions and genuine no-kidding experts answer them. Then members vote the answers up or down. The Q&As you see in your newsfeed depend on who you follow, the interests you indicate, and (of course) the questions you pose.My addiction to Quora flows from the quality of the answers: they’re almost always insightful, experienced-based, and often brilliant.

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