1 of 11 Marketing Triggers: Ethos

A few weeks back I posted a list of 11 Marketing Triggers I swiped from a Quora answer, and also promised to eloborate on each item on the list, starting with the first, Ethos.If you’re not familiar with the list, here are the 11 triggers:1) Ethos (your per­ceived char­ac­ter) is the most impor­tant, as opposed to an appeal to pathos (emo­tions) or logos (logic).2) Peo­ple make judg­ments by comparison/anchor­ing.3) Peo­ple process infor­ma­tion best from sto­ries.4) Peo­ple are fore­most inter­ested in things that affect them.5) Break­ing pat­terns gets attention.6) Peo­ple look to other peo­ple’s deci­sions when mak­ing decisions.7) Peo­ple will believe things more eas­ily that fit their pre-existent mind­set. The con­verse is also true.8) Peo­ple han­dle one idea at a time best.9) Peo­ple want more choices, but are hap­pier with fewer.10) Peo­ple decide first, then ratio­nal­ize — If peo­ple are stuck with some­thing, they will like it more over time.11) Expe­ri­ence is mem­ory, the last part of the expe­ri­ence is weighted heavily.

Source: 1 of 11 Marketing Triggers: Ethos | Jeff Sexton Writes

Amp Up Email Results with Honeymoon Segmentation

Subscribers to your email list are most likely to open, click, forward to a friend, and buy in the first 30-60 days after joining the list.This is the Honeymoon and you need to use it to boost your email results – especially in the 4th quarter holiday shopping season.This chart from Marketing Sherpa shows the impact of recency on email results. This is a somewhat dated B2B chart, although I have no doubt whatsoever that the trend holds. If you have more recent data, please leave a comment below.

Source: Amp Up Email Results with Honeymoon Segmentation | Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting

Centralize Channels with Marketing Automation

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.The marketing landscape has changed rapidly in the past few years and continues to evolve with new technologies and channels. While email remains a valuable source for communication, many companies are struggling to extend their reach on other channels, such as mobile, without increasing the strain on their already over-extended marketing resources.In the past, technology and marketing often had opposing business constraints and objectives. To effectively execute compelling campaigns, marketers had to leverage modern messaging and techniques. But without the aid of an integrated multi-channel marketing automation platform, the technology and resources needed to execute such a strategy lived in disparate locations and represented a growing expense that many companies cannot afford.

Source: Centralize Channels with Marketing Automation – Marketo