Creating Brand Advocates Via Smart Content

From gentle criticism to full-on trolls, every brand social media page or community sometimes faces pushback. Maybe you’ve seen it happen. Perhaps you’ve even laughed along as a corporation makes a condescending misstep or a local business publishes a glaring typo. It’s the type of thing that keeps social media and community managers up at night. Will I be by my phone to respond if someone needs customer service help? Will I know what to write if our brand comes under fire? Do we have a plan for dealing wit

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4 Writing Tips for Business Professionals

It’s been a while since English class, and you might be a little out of practice when it comes to your writing skills. And yet, here you are, a business professional who relies on your communication skills to better market yourself and reach a wider audience.Whether you need to craft an email to a client, write a blog post, or simply atone for those past sins, here are four tips to refresh your writing skills.1. Read Other WritersImitation is flattery, but it’s also useful to you. The more you read, whether that’s blog posts, articles, books, or even emails, the more ideas you will get for how you want your own writing to sound.Crafting a marketing message about a consumer product will have a vastly different tone and style than writing a letter to engineers. The more you read, the more attuned you become not only to different voices and tones but different audiences and their expectations.

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Simple techniques for making Web site visitors take action

The Web is the most comprehensively flawed world-changing technology ever. The ways in which you can screw up a Web site are without limit. In contrast, it’s a lot tougher to botch a fire, a wheel, a toilet, an ATM, or one of those KFC chicken/potato/corn/cheese bowls.Like a really big Science Fair project, the Web sprouted organically and without profit motive. There wasn’t anybody in charge, there were only very loose rules, and Web site makers were left to their own devices – a hippie commune with mouse pads and tons of Mountain Dew.

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